The perfect day.

Just a few pictures of beautiful moments from a day spent with someone I love dearly.

A rare day off together, spent doing simple things like having breakfast together and walking along the sea front.

That is what happiness is.

N xx

Off To A Good Start

Well done me…
Or not.
So much to committing to blogging.
Oops, my bad, but I do have good reason, I promise!

Little life update from the last month.
End of January
– Spent that perfect Saturday with Alex.
– Worked a lot
– Started to get ill

– Worked
– Tried to get better
– Went to the comedy club with Alex
– Had a few date nights to spend time together
– Got really really ill
– Back to work
– Recovery

As you can see I spent a large portion of the month ill and trying to fight it getting worse but that in fact had the opposite effect and I got even sicker.
The last week has been the only time I have started to feel more human and like I want to do things so hence the lack of posts.
Life is getting back on track and from here on out things will be a lot more productive so blogging will commence and I have posts that I am super excited to work on.

Stick with me.
Things can only get better.

N x

Head space

Sometimes you just need to sort things out.
This can be anything from de-cluttering the house, clearing your mind or just getting things in order.
Yesterday was most certainly one of those days for me. I had lots of house chores and admin work, half of which I had been putting off for a while and knew I just had to get done. Now and again it’s good to just get back on track by getting all the loose ends tied up and it helps make life a little easier.
These odd jobs had been playing on my mind and stressing me out so I spent the day playing domestic goddess, got productive and when that was done made the place nice and homely.
Spending the day in such a way meant that myself and my boyfriend could spend a nice relaxed evening together once he had returned from work. These evenings are few and far between as I work late retail shifts so time we get together is treasured.
It was a peaceful night and it was just lovely to get that time to talk and be. We also went for an evening drive which is something we always loved doing together so it was fun to do that again, especially with a Starbucks drive through on the way. Anyway off to work I go for one of those said late shifts.
However very excited that Alex (the boyfriend) and I have the same day off tomorrow- which never happens! – so I have that to look forward to.
Thanks for reading.
N x

Well hello there…

So my adventure into blogging begins.
I have tried to do this many a time but it has never really worked out for me for a multitude of reasons, however I have a new found motivation, determination and willingness to make this work.

I have always loved reading blogs and admire people that can keep it going without running out of things to say. Everyone who knows me IRL knows that me running out of things to talk about is a rare occurrence  and it has been said that i can “talk for England” or “talk the hind legs of a donkey” whichever phrase tickles your pickle, so yeah, I’m now blogging!

Anyway this blog is here for exactly as the title suggest… anything and everything. The reason for this is because I don’t want to specify and pigeonhole myself into talking about specific topics for the rest of my days on the interwebs.

Thats all for now, so thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my ramblings.
Until next time…
Nicole x